Revolutionising the Residential Construction Industry

Residential Housing

As industry innovators, Surefoot Footings “all-in-one” hybrid concrete free footing can be found supporting residential homes, decks and commercial housing developments both in Australia and worldwide. A cost effective alternative to traditional foundations including screw piles and concrete footings, the Surefoot Footing reduces the risk of concrete cracking often associated with subgrade settlements, shrinkage and thermal contraction. It is suitable for a varied selection of soil types as determined by both geographical and climatic range, including the often difficult to navigate “reactive soil”.

Reinforcing the Retaining Wall

A retaining wall typically is one that is built tosustain a significant lateral soil pressure and may be a curved, short or even tall retaining wall. The Pile Cap SF-150 forms a steel footing that connects the structure to the ground with security, flexibility and the ability to handle large bending moment loads and differing site soil conditions.Neither a shallow nor deep structure it is a hybrid foundation system that has eclipsed the use of both screw piers and bored piers.

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