Footing Design

Footing Design Services

Footings are an important structural component designed to transfer the load from the building to the foundation and give the foundation the support it needs to prevent settling and cracking. Proper footing design is imperative and must take into account factors such as the surrounding soil, wind and structural loads.

If you need to speak to our in-house engineers who can work on your construction project, get in touch with the team at Surefoot. We can provide commercial, industrial and residential footing design services that factor in the geotechnical details of soil and other aspects that need to be taken into account, ensuring the building will continue to be compliant and structurally sound for many years to come.

Footing Design Services We Offer

Stump Footing Design

Stumps are the most common type of footing structure installed, providing great vertical support and transfer of building loads to the foundation. At Surefoot, we can provide tailored stump footing design services to fulfil the specific requirements of your project.

Pile Footing Design

The primary reason to install pile materials underneath the footing is to stop the structure from settling and transfer the load to the preferred depth. Surefoot can create an effective pile footing design that will penetrate the support soil and use friction forces to support the design load.

Concrete Free Footing Design

Surefoot can create a custom concrete free footing design for properties throughout Australia. Our engineers may recommend a concrete free footing if your building site has remote or difficult to access areas.

Civil & Structural Engineering Design Services

Surefoot can provide councils throughout Australia with civil & structural engineering design services. Our civil engineers can help to design and construct structures that benefit the community.

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