Surefoot Pile Cap S250 3W

S250 3W

Bolting Pattern:
140mm centres x 4 x 22mm holes
120mm centres x 4 x 18mm holes

Micro Piles:
4 x 32NB (Nominal Bore) 42.4OD
Galvanised Pipe Light, Medium, Heavy

Load Capacity:
Up to 75kN

Average installation time:
10 minutes approx..

Sloping Sites

The S 250 – 3 – way model was specifically designed for use on building sites with limited access due to sloping terrain. It is the footing of choice in comparison to other footing types such as screw piles and bored piers for cost – effectiveness, labour and time efficiency. For sloping sites, the footing is “shelfed” into the hillside and 2 micro piles driven into the hillside and the 2 opposing micro piles driven perpendicular to the hill’s slope. An efficient and cost – effective footing, perfect for domestic and commercial construction, larger decks platforms, boardwalks etc, the average installation time is approximately 10 minutes.

Solar Terace

The S 250 – 3 – way model has been specifically designed for use with ground mount solar frames and replaces concrete pads, driven piles and screw piles. The advantage of using Surefoot footings is that it simplifies and speeds up the construction process with a low environmental impact

It has been designed with maximum efficiency in mind as the footing is attached directly to the frame allowing for micro piles to be driven once the frame is levelled off.

Multiple frames can be installed at the same time, allowing for a systematic installation process.

The Steel Footing of the Future

With an average installation of 10 minutes, choose the cost effective, market leading steel foundation from Surefoot. Call today on (03) 9354 4950 to discuss your residential and small extension structural needs.