Surefoot Pile Cap S500


Bolting Pattern:
233-300 PCD x 4 x 22mm holes
350-400 PCD x 4 x 26mm holes

Micro Piles:
12x32NB (Nominal Bore) 42.40D
Galvanised Pipe Light, Medium,Heavy

Load Capacity:
Up to 300kN

Average installation time:
25-30 minutes approx..

Building Bridges

The Surefoot concrete free footing delivers instant bearing capacity with no curing time and can be used for both permanent and temporary bridges. Offering a distinct advantage over the use of traditional footings, the Surefoot system can be installed, removed and reused in separate locations as needed, making it suitable for applications that are constructed in hard to access areas. With minimal impact on the surrounding flora and fauna, this fast and efficient foundation system will not erode river banks and reduces the need for heavy lifting equipment traditionally required for earthworks.

As Surefoot continues to revolutionise the construction industry, this innovative concrete free footing has many untapped markets including the military, where speed and precision is vital. The Surefoot system allows for construction and use within the same day. A multi-purpose footing, the Surefoot system is an innovative alternative in all construction applications where a concrete footing can be used.

Snow Winch Point

Developed as the ultimate ground anchor, the Surefoot system offers exceptional resistance to both uplift and shear forces. Used in the application of a snow winch point, the footing provides minimal impact to the grounds beneath by removing the need for machinery.

Delivering both speed and ease of installation, the Surefoot system is the footing of choice for snow groomers. Removing the need to climb steep runs it provides the groomer which a winch point in which to assist their climb. The Surefoot concrete free footing is currently used at Falls Creek in Victoria, and throughout skiing resorts both in Australia and worldwide.

Cantilever carports and more

Versatile and suitable for all penetrable soil types, the Surefoot steel footing is the ideal complement in the installation of Cantilever structures such as residential carports, commercial carparks and bus shelters through to Cantaports and residential and commercial pool areas.

Designed to secure and install in just 30 minutes, the Surefoot Footing optimises the space beneath with a one sided installation. With no excavation required or dirt and spoil removed from site, it provides an instant bearing capacity so your works can continue in an efficient manner that maintains the integrity of the established grounds around it.

Steel footings securing the solar industry

Sourcing a secure, yet adjustable steel footing is a vital element in the successful installation of PV solar panels as found on solar farms across the globe. Providing a tension foundation, the Surefoot Footing negotiates uplift generated by wind and excessive movement ensuring stability and increased functionality.

With an average installation time of 30 minutes the Pile Cap S500 has been developed to accommodate site specific foundation and soil types according to geographical and climatic ranges while providing rapid installation with minimal labour costs.

Supporting Shade Sails

Engineered to your unique application the Surefoot Pile Cap S500 provides a steel footing that creates a firm foundation and large load capacity while complementing the visual and functional aesthetics of shade sail structures in all environments.

Designed to optimise space this hybrid footing system is both cost effective, labour saving and easy to install. Fully adjustable in both plumb and level, it allows you to adjust the shade sail as required giving you complete flexibility. Designed to retain the ecological integrity of the site and minimise excavation and spoil, it offers instant bearing capacity and is suitable in all wind categories and soil types.

The Steel Footing of the Future

With an average installation of 10 minutes, choose the cost effective, market leading steel foundation from Surefoot. Call today on (03) 9354 4950 to discuss your residential and small extension structural needs.