Surefoot used for solar carports in NT, Australia

Effectively spreading foundations over a greater surface, achieving larger load capacities, the Surefoot Footings concrete free footing is revolutionising the way the commercial sector is building. With a quick, cost effective installation process, this steel foundation can be found supporting and stabilising mining camps, offices, hospitals, schools and accommodation buildings not only in Australia, but also throughout Europe and the U.S.

Surefoot in the Valencian Mountains, Spain

Working with the Vivood Group in the Valencian mountains, Spain, Surefoots revolutionary hybrid concrete free foundation was used to install hundreds of footings for an eco-resort hotel constructed on an eco-sensitive site.

With the use of concrete footings vetoed by the local council, Surefoots sustainable steel pile cap system was able to maintain the integrity of the terraced valley, negotiate both rock and hard soil environments while providing the footings for 25 modular suites, a bar, restaurant, reception and auxiliary buildings. The project took less than 6 weeks to complete.

High Spec Kindergarten in London

For projects that are hard to access, the ease and mobility of the Surefoot concrete free footing system can navigate construction sites that present challenges to the more traditional foundation system.

Eliminating the need for concrete delivery and heavy lifting equipment, Surefoot steel pile caps were used to secure a high quality modular building for a high spec kindergarten in Central London.

Negotiating the suburban environment, poor access and tree roots, the footings were installed in record time as the building was craned onto the footings to finish.