Surefoot Pile Cap S400 12P

S400 12P

Bolting Pattern:
198-250 PCD x 4 x 22mm holes
300-350 PCD x 4 x 26mm holes

Micro Piles:
6 x 32NB (Nominal Bore) 42.4OD
Galvanized Pipe Light, Medium, Heavy

Load Capacity:
Up to 200kN

Average installation time:
15 minutes approx.

General Info

Designed to take higher loads in the renewable energy, residential and commercial sector. The S400 – 12 pile model is also considered as our universal model as 8 ,10 or 12 micro piles could be specified by our engineering team to accommodate your requirements.

It can accommodate up to 200kN of gravity load and has an average installation time of 35 – 45 minutes. With untapped potential within many industries including the military, this innovative, reliable footing system will continue to revolutionise the way the construction industry operates

The Solar Industry

The footing selection is a vital element in the installation of PV solar panel support structures. Built to withstand shear and environmental elements the Surefoot Footing system acts as a tension foundation negotiating uplift forces generated by winds and excessive movement, providing stability and flexibility without impacting the footings functionality.

Boasting an installation time of 15 minutes, the Pile Cap S400 has been crafted and designed to accommodate site specific foundation and soil types across a variety of geographical and climatic ranges particularly in remote areas where solar farms are commonly located. A multi-purpose foundation the Surefoot system is an innovative alternative in all construction applications where a concrete footing can be used.

Container & Cyclone Tiedowns

The ultimate uplift prevention system, the Surefoot state of the art steel footing is suitable for all construction work where a foundation is required. Supplying superior loading capacity and efficiency of install when compared to the more conventional concrete slab footing, the Surefoot system features a design capacity calculated on the working stress method and by deploying refined geotechnical data, your containers can be erected quickly.

Offering enhanced stability and minimal soil and substrate disruption, the Surefoot is the footing of choice for both container and cyclone tie downs. Both tested and certified in cyclonic prone areas, the Surefoot will ensure your building project is built and fastened to withstand uplift, shear and environmentally challenging conditions.

Umbrella & Shade Sails

Complement any outdoor area with the statement making aesthetics of a Cantilevered Shade Sail or Umbrella, supported by Surefoot micropiles that offer a firm footing and large load capacity. Cost effective and labour saving, the Surefoot foundation is both quick and easy to install and is fully adjustable in both plumb and level, allowing you to adjust the shade sail to meet any need and complement any area.

Designed for hard to access areas, slopes and remote sites, the Surefoot footing optimises the space beneath the structure while eliminating the need for excavation and soil disturbance. Providing an instant bearing capacity and with suitability in all wind categories and soil types, this revolutionary steel footing is the premium choice when installing shade sails and cantilevered structures across Australia.

Crane rails support options

Traditionally crane supports require the pouring of a concrete beam along the rails in order to effectively transfer the loadings to the soil, however Surefoot have fabricated a steel beam that removes this costly practice. Secured into place with Surefeet it provides a 3m span and the capacity to support up to 50 tonnes according to soil type and assessment by a Surefoot Engineer.

With extensive portability the steel beam is ideal for factory relocation and temporary construction projects as the plates are fully reusable and require new micropiles when necessary to relocate the rails and crane to new locations and conditions.

Light Poles

From CCTV, street lights to flags and signage, the revolutionary Surefoot can be installed in areas with limited access with ease.

Offering quick installation time and minimal spoil, construction can be complete in as little as 15 minutes, ensuring these vital safety measures are operational in a quick and efficient manner. An effective uplift prevention system, the Surefoot steel footing will secure the structure regardless of environmental conditions.

Mining camps and remote areas

Eliminating the need for concrete slab footings, the Surefoot hybrid all-in-one system is suited to remote areas due to its portability and quick installation times.

Laying the foundation for mining camp living quarters, dining areas and storage facilities, the Surefoot steel pile footing protects against extreme weather conditions. It is a cost effective alternative to the traditional concrete slab foundation, making it ideal for all mining infrastructure projects.

The Steel Footing of the Future

With an average installation of 10 minutes. choose the cost effective, market leading steel foundation from Surefoot. Call today on (03) 9354 4950 to discuss your residential and small extension structural needs.