We are proud to be nominated for an Edison Award, one of the world's most prestigious awards for innovation and human-centered design.

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  • The High Strength Steel Innovative Pile Cap

    The “All-in-One” Footing System That Resists Gravity, Uplift, Shear & Moment Loads

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  • Sustainable with Reduced Environmental Impact

    Multi-Directional - Instant Bearing Capacity - Quick Install.

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  • Concrete Free Foundations

    The Hybrid Concrete Free Footing Revolutionising the Foundations Industry.

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Welcome to Surefoot

Surefoot concrete free screw foundations are revolutionising the pile foundation industry. Our high strength, hybrid 'all-in-one' steel footings, are specifically designed to increase its efficiency when resisting gravity, uplift, shear and moment loads. Job specific and designed according to the soil conditions of your site, Surefoot screw pile foundations can be used on a wide range of projects, meeting all compliance and regulations. Keep reading to learn more about our steel screw piles Melbourne.


Fixed Cost

The cost of your Surefoot Footings solution is established and fixed on acceptance of your customised quote.


With an emphasis on sustainability, Surefoot continues to minimise their environmental footprint.

Time Saver

Offering quick installation, Surefoot is a time efficient process that can significantly reduce construction time by half on many structures.

Australian Made

Surefoot is manufactured in Melbourne, Victoria and is distributed Australia wide.

Quality Materials

All materials used in the manufacturing and installation of Surefoot complies with all relevant Australian Standards.